What Are Stock Split?

Stock split

This article will explain stock splits, how they affect investors and the companies that employ this strategy. Stock splitting is a strategy employed by some companies to draw in investors…

Twitter Has a New CEO: What to Expect

What To Expect From Twitter With Its New Ceo

On Monday, November 29, 2021, Jack Dorsey announced to leave Twitter as its CEO. In typical Twitter fashion, the announcement was quite strange and unplanned…

Is S&P 500 A Good Buy?

Should I buy the S&P 500?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by being exposed to too many types of things? Like at the mall? Like Tokyo and its many ads? If yes, the stock market isn’t really for you.

Wait!! Before you go, what if it is?

Before You Buy a Stock: Here Are Things You Should Know

Things to Check Before buying a Stock

How do you know if a Stock is a good buy? What are the factors you check before concluding to buy a Stock? There are thousands of stocks out there in the stock market, and there are a few things to check to know if a stock is a good buy.

What You Should Know About Blue-Chip Companies

Blue-Chip companies

Blue Chip companies are companies that have made a name for themselves in their respective industries. They have over time proven to be reliable growth stocks, reliable hedge stocks and have shown to deploy sustainable business models.

How Many Stocks Should I Have In My Portfolio

How Many Stocks Should I Have In My Portfolio

How many stocks should I have in my portfolio? How do I know when I have too many stock in my portfolio? I know these questions look familiar, especially if you are new to investing.

Top IPOs To Watch Out For In 2021

Top IPOs to watch out for 2021

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) can be a thing of delight for early investors or perhaps rather not. Either way, the joy of being able to be an owner in a company you love not only brings with it some sense of accomplishment but can also earn you some decent profits if you get the price right.