General Question

There are registered brokers from which you can buy stocks. If you're in Nigeria, we can recommend Chaka, Bamboo and trove. In the US, Robinhood and Webull are two awesome brokers. You can check Google for country-specific brokers.

The stock market has its highs and lows. You might need to check why it is going low. Is it market-wide, industry-specific or stock-specific?

A broker is a registered intermediary between stock exchanges and buyers. While Horao informs you on the stock market, Brokers help you initiate those purchases.

When the market crashes or corrects, you temporarily lose value on your investments. Corrections or crashes are not strange, and they don't mean total forfeiture of your investments.

Stock picking is a very interesting yet long process. Generally, We look at quantitative, qualitative and sentimental analysis for our decisions. Specifically, we look for everything we can gather about a company and compare it with its competitors and other companies on our watchlists.

While we do our best at hiring highly trained professionals to analyze stocks, we believe you should double-check if our choices suit your investment personality.

Some companies give part of their earnings back to investors as dividends. They are usually distributed monthly, quarterly, or yearly. These dividends can be either reinvested or withdrawn.

While we advise long term investing, we understand that different investing personality might influence the decision on when to take profits. You can contact us when you are in doubt about any stock.

We recommend you invest in only stocks you see a reason to buy to avoid over-leveraging. Depending on the size of your portfolio, the total number of stocks in your portfolio should not be more than 10. Pro members get a specialised review from us.