Why Is The Stock Market Down?

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After a gruesome 2021 in the stock market, many investors started the new year with renewed optimism. We don’t have people shouting “to the moon” like in the cryptocurrency market, but in the hearts of all, it seems stock prices are going to rise this year.

Twitter Has a New CEO: What to Expect

What To Expect From Twitter With Its New Ceo

On Monday, November 29, 2021, Jack Dorsey announced to leave Twitter as its CEO. In typical Twitter fashion, the announcement was quite strange and unplanned…

Is S&P 500 A Good Buy?

Should I buy the S&P 500?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by being exposed to too many types of things? Like at the mall? Like Tokyo and its many ads? If yes, the stock market isn’t really for you.

Wait!! Before you go, what if it is?

What You Should Know About Blue-Chip Companies

Blue-Chip companies

Blue Chip companies are companies that have made a name for themselves in their respective industries. They have over time proven to be reliable growth stocks, reliable hedge stocks and have shown to deploy sustainable business models.

Top IPOs To Watch Out For In 2021

Top IPOs to watch out for 2021

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) can be a thing of delight for early investors or perhaps rather not. Either way, the joy of being able to be an owner in a company you love not only brings with it some sense of accomplishment but can also earn you some decent profits if you get the price right.

What’s Happening To Chinese Stocks

Chinese stock down

If you’re active in the US stock market, you should be familiar with the recent crackdown on Chinese Companies by the Chinese government. For the sake of those who seen lost in the whole story, let’s take a bird-eye view of what’s happening.

Shorting A Stock

Shorting a stock

In the stock market, there is a term known as Short selling. While the traditional method of buying stocks believes that it will increase in value, some stocks are almost certain to reduce. Perhaps due to much debt, bad management, or a worse earnings report, stocks go down.